Quinta do Quetzal is set in the heart of the Alentejo region on the rich slopes of Vidigueira, close to the oldest known Roman winery in Portugal and Spain.

At the moment, we only ship to Continental Portugal. Although, we’re working hard to expand our shipping to other territories.

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Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Quinta do Quetzal – Sociedade Agrícola Lda., in terms of environmental responsibility, is committed to the following:

  • Identifies and prevents any risk of pollution arising from the execution of any of its activities, products and/or services;
  • Respects and complies with all environmental laws and regulations that apply to its business, industrial and commercial reality;
  • Reduces the negative impact of current activities, products and services on the environment;
  • Promotes the involvement of its employees in environmental issues, providing adequate support and training;
  • Make sure that the companies you subcontract are aware of this environmental policy and that they are following it.

Our philosophy

At Quinta do Quetzal we have simple yet well-defined values that we want to ensure are present in all the products we produce:

  • All our products must be as “friendly” to the environment as possible;
  • Our products must be safe for our customers as well as the environment;
  • Our products are tested and accredited to the most demanding international standards;
  • Being “green” should not only be reflected in our products – our way of life!

Our products

We do our best so that our products:

  • They are made from biological and biodegradable materials whenever possible;
  • They are not dangerous for the environment.

Our facilities

Since its inception, Quinta do Quetzal has strived to ensure that its facilities would be as “friendly” to the environment as possible:

  • We use air conditioning systems with certified energy efficiency class A+;
  • Our winery uses a system that uses the force of gravity to condition the grapes in the different vats and warehouses;
  • We use energy-efficient lighting;
  • We use the latest technology in thermal insulation, climate control and air conservation to ensure we meet the EU Building Emissions Rate (2008).